Our team

All of our therapists are welcoming, attentive and versatile.

Our mission? To work as a team, within our clinic as well as with other healthcare professionals, to provide you with comprehensive and well-suited care.

Each of us continues to specialize to better answer the specific needs to certain clienteles, such as children, sportspeople and the elderly.

The owners

Maude Grenier — Osteopath D.O. 

equipe-maudeMaude studied at the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal (CEO), in a program certified by Wales University. She received her B. Sc. (Hons) in 2009 and submitted her thesis a year later on the learning assessment of osteopathic students at the CEO’s outpatient clinic.

Very involved at the Collège in research and assessment, among other things, she teaches psychology, digestive health and the lymphatic approach. She also collaborates at the outpatient clinic to the next generation to become comprehensive and competent osteopaths.

Maude is also trained in phytotherapy-herbalism since 2003. When necessary, she can combine both approaches for more complex cases, such as chronic pain, digestive issues and hormonal disorders. She keeps learning on different subjects, such as brain concussions, pregnant women, babies and the lymphatic approach for sports recovery.

Co-owner of the Ostéopathie Lac St-François clinic since 2009, Maude takes as much care of her workspace than her clientele in order to provide a welcoming and serene environment.

Passionate of movement and dancing, Maude will happily guide you through your health choices.

Philippe Aubé — Osteopath D.O.


Philippe received his Bachelor’s in Osteopathy from Wales University in 2009 and his diploma from the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal  (CEO) in 2010. His thesis was on tissue release and the importance of the quality of the therapeutic relationship. Since then, he has been teaching at the CEO of Montreal, Winnipeg and Toronto about the cervical spine, thoracic spine and thoracic cage, in addition to being an evaluator.

Philippe cofounded the Ostéopathie Lac St-François clinic in 2009 and developed a field expertise as osteopath-trainer, especially in football and cycling. Philippe is always ready to take on new challenges to allow clienteles in need to benefit from osteopathic care.

Dynamic, physical activity is an important part of his career and personal life; he played football over a long period of time, and now engages in running and parkour.

Philippe took postgraduate training to treat babies and pregnant women, who appreciate his mild manners and attentiveness. Being himself a father, he can intuitively connect with the little ones (and won’t hesitate to read them a story to improve their client experience).

Our professionals

 Daphnée Dubé — Osteopath D.O.


Daphnée also is a graduate from the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal (CEO).

Her first research project was on care of the brain-intestine axis and its relation to mental health issues, more specifically anxiety and depression, a sphere that is of great interest to her and that she keeps exploring. During her postgraduate studies, she added the pelvis to the equation to focus on menstrual pain, also called dysmenorrhea.

She enrolled in different postgraduate development courses (pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, geriatrics, chronic pain and sports injuries), which allow her to provide care to a varied clientele.

Philippe Jean — Osteopath D.O.


Philippe is a graduate from the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal (CEO), where he is currently undertaking graduate studies in the research department. He now masters the fundamentals of our practice, as he developed his research project around the roots of osteopathy.

Philippe volunteers with the CEO during international osteopathy symposiums in Montreal. He was the assistant to renowned osteopaths during continuous training sessions, and enriched his knowledge in the process.
Interested in helping osteopathy grow, Philippe also participated in a humanitarian mission in Peru a few years ago, where he provided care for the Peruvian population in need.

He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Guitar studies from the Université de Montréal in 2012 and now combines his two art forms, music and osteopathy, with discipline and professionalism.

Cédrine Labrosse-Girard — Osteopath D.O.

cedrine-girard-labrosse-osteopathie-lac-st-francoisGraduate from the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal (CEO), Cédrine is a curious and attentive therapist.

Her essay was focused on gynaecological pains, and she continues to perfect her knowledge on feminine health to guide women and babies optimally. Her smile, her kindness and her knowledge are at the heart of her therapeutic relationship.

Cédrine understands the importance and fun of moving. In her daily life, she enjoys climbing, hot yoga and swimming; she appreciates the global nature of these activities.

Before becoming an osteopath, she was practicing deep tissue massage. This additional skill makes her a great asset to help athletes reach their goals.

Philippe Leduc — Osteopath D.O.

Philippe was initiated to the benefits of osteopathy at an early age. Now a graduate from the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal (CEO), he is fascinated by how the human body works and adapts, by the expression of its full potential; that is what guides him in his practice day-to-day.

Before becoming an osteopath, Philippe was, among other positions, a therapeutic clown within the Dr. Clown Foundation. Open-minded and empathetic, the unconditional welcoming of his patient is at the heart of their practice.

Philippe speaks French, English and Spanish and can work with any type of clientele. His essay focused on the spasticity of the lower limbs of a person living with a spinal cord injury.

Marie-Michèle Duval — Osteopath D.O.


Marie-Michèle is a graduate of the Institut d’Enseignement de l’Ostéopathie du Québec. And what she loves most about her profession is taking the time to listen, understand, and empower her patients.

Her thesis focused on generalized anxiety disorder in the elderly, reflecting her interest in this clientele. She enjoys making a difference in the quality of life of seniors by, for example, helping them regain mobility, walk without a cane, or tie their shoes.

Her first career in animal health lasted 20 years. Outside of work, Marie-Michèle loves the outdoors in both summer and winter and spends a good amount of time cooking new vegetarian dishes (never quite following recipes to the letter).

Vanessa Foucault — Massage Therapist


Vanessa is an athletic and therapeutic massage therapist who graduated from the Institut Kiné-Concept in 2016.

Enthusiastic and dynamic, she has worked with a wide variety of sports clientele: soccer, football, tennis, swimming, etc. Attentive to her clients’ needs, she knows how to establish a plan to reach their objectives, while always putting their well-being first. She also collaborates closely with the other professionals in our team to help athletes surpass themselves and facilitate recovery after injuries.

Sports and training are passions of Vanessa’s, and she is committed to offer quality service to each of her clients.

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The Ostéopathie Lac St-François team is continuously looking for qualified and devoted professionals who share a passion for a healthy lifestyle. Do not hesitate to contact us to send us your resume, or simply to get to know us around a cup of coffee.