Our massage therapists adapt to your needs and expectations, whether you wish to address a specific tension, or enjoy optimal relaxation. They are trained to soothe your articulations and musculature and can employ different approaches in a single session.

Massotherapy approaches and techniques

Shiatsu – Recommended for pregnant women

As in acupuncture, we work on the meridians across your body and pressure points. We apply pressure with our fingers and hand, but also with the elbow and feet to balance the energy and alleviate tensions. Shiatsu can be performed on a table or futon and the patient can remain clothed.

Recommended for pregnant women, shiatsu help them prepare for birthing, in conjunction with osteopathy.

Swedish or Californian – Massotherapy with oil

The Swedish or Californian massage is the most notorious – and relaxing – of all massage. It specifically acts on the muscular and tendinous systems, improves blood flow and relaxes the nervous system. Therapeutic oil or balms are used.

Reflex therapy

Our feet, hands and ears are trigger areas that correspond to each part of our body and organs. By applying pressure on certain area, tension and pain are alleviated and optimal health is maintained.


Reiki is a non-conventional energetic approach from Japan in which the hands are applied on certain areas to restore balance and provide relief. The emotional and spiritual body is touched upon.